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Hernia Types

The Manchester Hernia Clinic offers a wide range of surgical treatment options that can be used to treat hernias.

Any weakness in the abdominal wall muscle can allow the passage of fat or organs such as small bowel to push through. This can produce a hernia with the most common types including Inguinal hernia (groin), Incisional hernia (due to a previous incision/ operation scar), Femoral hernia (groin), Umbilical hernia (belly button), and Epigastric hernia (upper abdomen).









The main types of hernia include:

Herniae can present with pain and/or a noticeable lump and require assessment and possibly surgery by specialised Surgeons.

Manchester Hernia Clinic comprises of a unique group of four Consultant Surgeons that provide the total care of patients requiring hernia surgery.

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